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Numbers 1 to 20 are download only

(Picture Quiz 1) Dogs

(Picture Quiz 2 )Mugshots

(Picture Quiz 3) Soccer Shirts (Picture Quiz 4) Dingbats
(Picture Quiz 5) TV Shows (Picture Quiz 6)Animals (Picture Quiz 7) Kids Stuff (Picture Quiz 8) Disney Films
(Picture Quiz 9) Logos (Picture Quiz 10) Flags of the World (Picture Quiz 11) Famous Couples (Picture Quiz 12) Anyone For Tennis
(Picture Quiz 13)Celebrity Kids (Picture Quiz 14) Road Signs

(Picture Quiz 15)Christmas Special

(Picture Quiz 16) Kissing Couples
(Picture Quiz 17) 2006 Obituary (Picture Quiz 18) More Logos (Picture Quiz 19)Advertisements (Picture Quiz 20) Disney Characters

The following quizzes are still active but can be downloaded

(Picture Quiz 21)

James Bond

(Picture Quiz 22)

Famous Landmarks

(Picture Quiz 23)

Oscar winners

(Picture Quiz 24)

Celebrities Dogs

(Picture Quiz 25)

Movie Scenes

(Picture Quiz 26)

Celebrity Caricatures

(Picture Quiz 27)

Pop Groups

(Picture Quiz 28)

Divorced Couples

(Picture Quiz 29)


(Picture Quiz 30)


(Picture Quiz 31)

The Royals

(Picture Quiz 32)

Coronation Street

(Picture Quiz 33)


(Picture Quiz 34)

Sexy Guys & Dolls

(Picture Quiz 35)


(Picture Quiz 36)

Dr Who

(Picture Quiz 37)

Golden Oldies

(Picture Quiz 38)

Harry Potter

(Picture Quiz 39)

Carry On

(Picture Quiz 40)

Pop Stars

(Picture Quiz 41)

Pub Signs

(Picture Quiz 42)

News Teams

(Picture Quiz 43)


(Picture Quiz 44)

Summer Wine

(Picture Quiz 45)

Best of British

(Picture Quiz 46)


(Picture Quiz 47)

Classic Disney

(Picture Quiz 48)


(Picture Quiz 49

TV Chefs

(Picture Quiz 50)

Looney Tunes

(Picture Quiz 51)

Hollywood Stars

(Picture Quiz 52)

Caricatures 2

(Picture Quiz 53)

TV Shows

(Picture Quiz 54)

8o's Pop Groups

(Picture Quiz 55) Game Show Hosts (Picture Quiz 56)


(Picture Quiz 57) Kids Comics (Picture Quiz 58)

Panto Stars

(Picture Quiz 59)

Celebrity Santas

(Picture Quiz 60)

Blue Peter

(Picture Quiz 61) Famous Jacks (Picture Quiz 62)

Scary Movies

(Picture Quiz 63)

Sweet Things

(Picture Quiz 64)

BAFTA's 2008

(Picture Quiz 65) Double Acts (Picture Quiz 66)

Begins with 'R'

(Picture Quiz 67)

Heads of State

(Picture Quiz 68)

Princes & Princesses

(Picture Quiz 69) Flags of the World (Picture Quiz 70)

TV Detectives

(Picture Quiz 71)

Wimbledon Champions

(Picture Quiz 72)

Radio Times

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